Most Australian business owners would be aware of Xero. It’s well known phrase “Beautiful Accounting Software.” If you have heard of it, but you haven’t yet used it, you might wonder what it does. Does it make a difference? Is it better than my current accounting software? Is it worth disruption to my routine of transferring my data and re-training my team? Is the return on my investment going to be worth the cost of the software implementation?

I have been using Xero for the last eight years and in that time, I’ve never had a business owner wish they could go back to their old accounting software. I must admit that in the first four years of my Xero use, I preferred another accounting package and implemented a competitor software into some of my business owners. As Xero’s smart technology services grew and transformed, it became evident to me that it was fast becoming accounting software for the people, not just for Accountants and that my business owners financial experience would be better served in Xero. Following those first four years, as Xero grew and developed, I had to have some hard conversations with the business owners that I had previously implemented the competitor software solutions into. They agreed to make the change to Xero and almost two years down the track, the resounding feedback was that that they love Xero. It makes financial matters easy and visible. It also simplified our reporting process allowing us to focus on helping our business owners grow their businesses rather than creating the numbers.

So what features do I love about Xero?

  • It allows me to be the best advisor I can be; I have the business’s financial information in real time at my fingertips and as a result I can be proactive and help them with any problem they may be having
  • Xero is continually seeking to provide faster ways of processing information; it saves time and money for my the businesses we support
  • There is an add-on for nearly every possible pain point your business could have. Should these systems be implemented correctly, they provide business solutions that previously were only available to large corporate entities who could afford the price tag attached to them
  • It’s easy to use and Xero is continually developing new features to help business owners and bookkeepers

All this aside, don’t be fooled into thinking that because it is so amazing you just need to look at the software and all your bookkeeping will magically be entered perfectly in a few minutes flat. You still need to develop sound bookkeeping skills and be diligent in using the tools to keep your accounts up to date.

At Adrians we have developed master classes to teach our business owners and their teams best practice bookkeeping using Smart Technology. These master classes are practical and cover the bookkeeping and smart tech concepts you need to know. We believe that investing upfront in implementation and training will result in truly beautiful accounting.

Email us at or phone 07 3832 7544 for more information about simple, beautiful accounting using Xero and smart technology implementation and training opportunities.