As June 30 looms closer, business owners and managers are thinking about how to get the most out of the 2019 Financial year, before it ends. What about setting yourself up for 2020? What vehicle is going to support your company as you move to the next level?

For a lot of businesses software is often towards the bottom of the list of concerns. People just want a system that will “get the job done” for the smallest hit to the P&L. But as we enter the next financial year it’s time to take a moment to consider if your software is “getting the job done”, or actively slowing it down.

Here are a few indicators that it might be time for you to switch systems:

· It takes too long to organise, extract and analyse your data

· Your concerned about security of non-cloud based systems

· Spending too much time on corrections and work around, rather than having the capabilities you need

· Lack of integration with other systems

· Volume of traffic exceeds the software’s capacity

The beginning of a new financial year is the perfect time to make the leap. By migrating at the start of a new reporting period you can avoid the need to migrate large chunks of historic data. This also provides a clear delineation of information between systems. As a bonus, if you start your planning now you will have the power to create a clean time-line for the roll out.

In the long run, new software systems pay for themselves through saved opportunity cost. If you would like to know more about how this will help your bottom line, get in touch with the Adrians team to request a Return on Investment calculation telling you when you can expect to see the financial benefit of the move.


-Markus Balodis