As automation sweeps through the services sector, profitability is ever reliant on stream lining internal processes. Firms are under increasing pressure to drive their billable hours down to remain competitive and relevant. A key to this process is utilising the automation and single touch features of your practice management system. By reducing the time spent double handling a task, or incorrectly allocating client specific work, a firm can see profitability rise without the need to increase their client base.

Introducing Actionstep’s Phone Call Log.

A feature being swiftly implemented by early adopters, Actionstep’s Phone Call Log feature allows you to:

  • Accurately record duration of phone calls
  • Log the call succinctly to open matters
  • Record notes against the call
  • Bill with near full automation.

When a client calls, simply create a new phone call log from the Global Create Button, and the timer will automatically start. A handy notes section allows you to record the particulars of the call, whilst the log will also prompt you to record the applicable client and matter. When you are done, simply save the call and you will be prompted to record the time; it’s that easy.

The benefits of this new feature, among others, include:

  • Pin-point accuracy on time recording for phone calls
  • Recording your notes against a matter (with the call details) simultaneously
  • Minimisation of human error with time recording automatically prompted
  • Single source of all communication information through the new widget

For more information please contact Adrians at or (07) 3832 7544