In business, we are often faced with so many options that it can become quite daunting which path to choose. Sometimes, when those decisions become too great; people can put their heads in the sand like the Ostrich.

This is the worst possible thing to do. There is an analogy that David likes to use to help people through these periods and it involves the British rowing team. Leading into the 2000 Olympics, the British rowing team were performing poorly. Their goal was to win gold, obviously, however their results were such that they thought this would be near impossible. Ben Hunt-Davis, the captain of the rowing team at the time, created the idea that every time a member of the team made a decision, it had to be about ‘making the boat go faster’. So on a Friday night, would going to the pub with the boys and having five pints make the boat go faster? No it wouldn’t, so they didn’t do it. Would going and smashing a session in the gym make the boat go faster? Yes it most likely would, so they followed through with that. This concept was so successful that the British rowing team won gold at the 2000 Olympics! They smashed their goal! David believes that this approach in life is what really empowers people to disarm the daunting nature of decision making. When you are faced with those anxiety-inducing business, personal or financial decisions, sometimes the best thing you can do is keep your end goal in mind and stick with it. This will help your proverbial boat to go faster!

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