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Insights into Receipt Bank

Smart Technology solutions provide clarity, automation efficiencies, remove the tediousness of numbers and enable business owners to make better informed decisions. One that we love at Adrians is Receipt Bank; it’s an app that automates the processing of invoices and receipts.

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The Black Stump - Trump Puts the Acid on Critics

Trump Puts The Acid On Critics

Greetings to all avid readers from the Black Stump. The Stump was confined to the reservation in the latter part of 2017, but we are not silenced for long. There is just so much material to write about!

We will risk being accused of recalling only our accurate predictions, rather than our missed ones. The less said about Theresa May the better.

However, a few comments about Donald Trump are in order. In this blog in early 2017 we argued that Trump had the right policies for business; that his tax cuts would be the centrepiece of economic growth in the USA.

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ALERT: Single Touch Payroll

At Adrians, we endeavour to seek out and implement emerging smart technologies that provide automation efficiencies, data clarity and easier access to business intelligence.

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ALERT: New Requirements for GST Withholding

Knowing your business dots all the “i’s and crosses all the t’s” is important for all business owners. At Adrians, we know that you want to enjoy life and we’re pretty sure that you don’t enjoy bookkeeping. We can help to liberate you from tedious numbers and repetitive processes. To help you, we note that the government has recently made changes to the process for remitting GST for new residential property and proposed residential land, commencing July 1, 2018.

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