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Archives for Bookkeeping

Tax Planning Recommendations

‘Tax time’ is an often dreaded phrase bringing with it an uncomfortable feeling or some teenager-inspired eye rolling.  But with some forward thinking and pre-planning, you could have yourself feeling confident, organised and ready to tackle the tax man, figuratively speaking of course.

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Financial Commission Report

The Royal Commission Report into Financial Services was recently released. The report detailed shocking examples of poor conduct in the financial services industry, significantly eroding the public’s trust.

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Fringe Benefit Tax Explained

A fringe benefit is something extra or a perk an employee receives from their employer, that is not paid as part of the employee’s normal salary or wage.  The benefit can be something for you, your partner or your children.

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Building Regulator Muscles Up (Again…)

The building industry in Queensland is a major part of the economy and because our economy is not as diversified as the Southern States, it is of greater economic significance. The industry is structured like a pyramid with Owner/Developers at the top, Project Managers, Head Contractors and finally Sub-Contractors at the bottom.

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Smart Technology for Law Firms

Smart technology is moving at an increasingly fast pace. As a result, it can be quite difficult to determine which apps would be most useful for you at your firm and what each of the benefits of each of these applications are. At Adrians, we have compiled a list of our top picks of applications for the legal industry and the key reasons we would recommend them.

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Xero Makes Business Beautiful

Most Australian business owners would be aware of Xero. It’s well known phrase “Beautiful Accounting Software.” If you have heard of it, but you haven’t yet used it, you might wonder what it does. Does it make a difference? Is it better than my current accounting software? Is it worth disruption to my routine of transferring my data and re-training my team? Is the return on my investment going to be worth the cost of the software implementation?

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