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Imminent Changes to Personal Leave Entitlements for Employees

A recent Federal Court decision is likely to have significant impacts on employee entitlements with respect to personal leave for employees. Employees,  full-time and part-time,  are entitled to 10 days of personal leave per year of service.  The definition of “10 days” has now been reviewed in the recent court case.

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Profitability Drivers in Actionstep: Phone Call Logs

As automation sweeps through the services sector, profitability is ever reliant on stream lining internal processes. Firms are under increasing pressure to drive their billable hours down to remain competitive and relevant. A key to this process is utilising the automation and single touch features of your practice management system. By reducing the time spent double handling a task, or incorrectly allocating client specific work, a firm can see profitability rise without the need to increase their client base.

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Labor to Deny Refunds of Franking Credits

The Labor policy to deny the refund of franking credits for individuals and SMSFs has received a notable amount of media attention. However, it seems a lot of people do not understand the policy, so we thought we would take the time to explain it. 

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Financial Commission Report

The Royal Commission Report into Financial Services was recently released. The report detailed shocking examples of poor conduct in the financial services industry, significantly eroding the public’s trust.

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ALERT: Single Touch Payroll

At Adrians, we endeavour to seek out and implement emerging smart technologies that provide automation efficiencies, data clarity and easier access to business intelligence.

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