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STP and Publishing Payment Summaries in Xero

Many of our clients have registered for Single Touch Payroll (STP) through their Xero platforms so that they were ready to go from 1 July 2019. We’ve received several frequently asked questions on how this transition impacts on the preparation and lodgement of PAYG payment summaries for the 2019 financial year just ended.

Here they are:

Q: Can I still prepare PAYG payment summaries for 2019 in the old/classic way even though I have registered for STP?

A: No; once you’re STP registered, lodgement of your 2019 PAYG payment summaries is done through following the STP process. The option to lodge through the old method is deactivated. As such, you can only preview your payment summaries, but not publish them.

Q: If an employee asks me for a copy of their 2019 PAYG payment summary, can I provide them with one?

A: Yes; payment summaries can still be generated from Xero and downloaded as a pdf. These can then be emailed to the respective employee.

Q: How long does STP lodgement of 2019 PAYG payment summary data take to be finalised?

A: Finalisation can take up to 72 hours to file with the ATO. Given that this is a new process with the ATO and there is a high volume of submissions, the actual timeframe might be a bit longer.

As always, if you have any questions, please get in touch with your bookkeeper or manager.

Angeline recently covered some basics regarding Single Touch Payroll via Webinar, which you can view here:

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When Is The Best Time To Update Your Software?

As June 30 looms closer, business owners and managers are thinking about how to get the most out of the 2019 Financial year, before it ends. What about setting yourself up for 2020? What vehicle is going to support your company as you move to the next level?

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The Country At a Cross Road

On 18 May, we get the opportunity to elect a new Parliament. The choice is between a Coalition that has governed as a minority and been wracked with factional warfare and leadership instability, and a Labor opposition that has pledged a massive tax and spend agenda.  Along with this agenda they put out heroic and uncosted emissions reduction policies that will result in a multi-billion-dollar transfer of wealth offshore as large companies buy carbon credits, which will enrich a few insiders at a massive cost to the economy and employment with little to no impact on the climate.

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Why Are Budgets Important?

Henry discusses the importance of budgets and how they can positively affect your business and personal finances.

If you believe that you might need help managing or creating a budget, please feel free to give us a call on (07) 3832 7544 or alternatively, email us at

We are committed to achieving generous outcomes, so you can live life the way you choose, spending time with the people you value most.

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A Budget Tale

It is only a week since the Federal Budget was tabled, but it seems like an eternity. Already important matters going to the heart of our economic prosperity have been pushed aside amid puerile debates over how long it takes to charge your electric vehicle. If you must charge at home because charging stations are non-existent, your meter will be spinning like a top and the grid will be so unstable that your neighbour cannot use his toaster. Tech billionaires are chiming in to “say it ain’t so”.

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Budget Update

Another budget has been released and the Treasurer has announced relatively minor changes to our current tax regime. A small pre-election sweetener in the following form:


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